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16 Jan 2014

AAU Box Lacrosse Increasing in Numbers

AAU Box Lacrosse Increasing in Numbers

Box Lacrosse was added to the AAU Sports lineup about four years ago, compared to the ten years that AAU has hosted lacrosse events. The first ever box lacrosse league in the AAU was added recently and the numbers for lacrosse continue to grow.

The difference between lacrosse and box lacrosse is small, but distinctive. Box lacrosse is mostly played in cold weather climates since it is played indoors. Rather than the traditional lacrosse field, box lacrosse is traditionally played on an ice hockey rink after it has been covered with artificial turf. The playing area is called a box, instead of an open playing field. Box lacrosse is also between two teams of six, not ten, and features smaller sticks and goals on a smaller field. Box lacrosse tends to be slightly more violent than regular lacrosse since “checking” is allowed.

So far this year, the sport of lacrosse has already grown exponentially, with the help of box lacrosse members.

For more information on lacrosse, CLICK HERE!

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