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27 Feb 2014

Be on the lookout for the AAU’s NEW digital media campaign!

Be on the lookout for the AAU’s NEW digital media campaign!


As many of you already know, the AAU has partnered with .Com Marketing, one of the top internet marketing firms in the country. The Amateur Athletic Union is very excited about this partnership and even more pleased to announce that this dynamic team has already resulted in some awesome ideas!

On February 1st, the first campaign, “I _____” was released. The AAU member would fill in the blank of what they do in their sport, for example, I run, I dribble, I jump, etc. This campaign also included a variation of the previous idea, but instead using “I am _____”. The AAU member would then fill in their sport, for example, I am Basketball, I am Baseball, I am Volleyball, etc.

Since then, two Pandora radio ads, two 15 second video commercials, among many other graphics and banners have already been created based on these ideas.

We look forward to creating even more NEW campaigns with Dot Com Marketing and can’t wait to see what else this partnership will offer the AAU!

To see exactly what .Com Marketing and the AAU have come up with, CLICK HERE.





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